Spring blossom….

I was going through a file looking for apple blossom photos to post this morning…but I thought this one of my granddaughter was more compelling than any of the flower images that I had captured yesterday…..

pretty in pink

Middle Utah….

Roughly sixteen miles south of Beaver, Utah, one can leave Interstate 15 and take Highway 20 east through the mountains, catch Highway 89 and continue south through Panguitch, Glendale, Orderville, Mt Carmel, and Kanab as one makes their way further into the high deserts of Arizona and beyond.  This image is facing south from the side of Highway 20 and gives the viewer a nice glimpse of some of the finer things of a cloudy morning in early April…rolling fields of Sage, Cedar covered hillsides, and snow-covered mountains….

sagebrush cedar mountains and clouds in Utah

a desert rain

Another view looking west from Highway 89-T south of Page, Arizona….just a bit further down the road from the location of the image in my last post.

a desert rain

Desert clouds

Traveling south on Highway 89-T, south of Page, Arizona…through the Navajo Nation…looking west at a stampede of clouds that’s heading our way….

Desert clouds south of Page Arizona


I would say that I know this creature intimately, but that might bring to mind thoughts of romance and love, and while there was a lot of fighting, cutting, scratching, and bleeding between myself and the 19 bushes that I had in my yard for almost two decades, there wasn’t a lot of romance involved.  I will admit, however, in spite of the scars that I still carry from our lengthy affair, that I do find the Bougainvillea to be quite beautiful…and worthy of more than a little bit of love….

Anyway…I made this image while visiting family in Arizona this past October.  The flowers are actually the small white structures in the center of the modified pink leaves.  If you’d like the complete Wiki rundown, you can click here for more info.


Rush Lake

It was a beautiful, winter morning and I had gone west from the Salt Lake Valley in hopes of finding some migrating Bald Eagles.  I had no luck with that part of the adventure, but I did find a sun-clad sky, snow-covered mountains, and a refreshing breeze moving through the valley that contained Rush Lake.  If you’re interested in such things, you can click here to read what Wikipedia has to offer about the lake.

Rush Lake and Stansbury Mountains under Clouds


of summer’s days

summer grass


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