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Is the distance of the past determined by the one looking or by the mirror into which the one looks?  And what is that mirror, but the reflections of recollections wrought by the looker?  Those recollections that are drawn-up by the one’s present state and circumstance that would bring forth something so deeded to the past.  As with the observer’s effect on a phenomenon when it is being studied, how does a memory of the past change simply because it is being recalled?  And how are the recollections touched and remolded, but with the present’s gaze backward?  They are impure in their recollection because they are touched by the current remembrance and the state or circumstance that brought them back.  Was it the emotion of the past circumstance that brought them back, or was it the event itself…and are the recollections actually recollections of the event or of other remembrances…and those recollections that are recalled, are they pure or laced with the state and circumstances and emotions of their earlier recollections, or of the present?  Do we really “remember when…?”