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Another Last….

From a couple months ago….

Another marker of time has passed; another milestone achieved; this one was known and anticipated, looked-for and then, but some have come and gone without our noticing.  Some have become significant only upon reflection as passed and past, things that caused us to say “Oh, yeah…that was the last time I….”  They weren’t esteemed as significant in their moment, their instant of being what they were; they became so only afterward – when they were a nuance, maybe, a wrinkle in our memories, appreciated only in retrospect, not in substance, not in the rich essence of being what they were.

Today was the last day of second-grade for my last child; the last day that he could be included in that group of kids deemed as “K-2” on some papers, flyers, agendas, or other forms of organized little people collectives.  Today was another irretrievably fallen grain of sand in the hour-glass of my little one’s life.

Is this significant?  Is this day really that big of a deal?  Is it worth the recognition that I’ve given it here?  Does it really matter?  I don’t know.  I don’t remember the last day of second grade for my other five children who had a last day of second-grade in their particular lifetimes…and while I can’t guarantee that I will remember this day as significant several years from now, I am noting it as significant today.  It is a celebration, a particular and specific something in my last little one’s life.