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Backyard Visitor

The pictures aren’t the greatest, given that I had to climb into the tub and take them through the window and between the bathroom blinds, but it appears that we had some type of falcon or hawk stop in one of our backyard trees for a breather…or maybe he thought he spied a mouse or something scurrying along in the morning snow.  Again, the pictures are a little grainy, and maybe not as spectacular as one of my fellow blogger’s backyard guests, but I thought it was neat having the visitor that we did. 

Wintery Weekend Wanderings

Some photos from the past couple weekends – last Sunday it was sunny and over 50 degrees, this weekend it was snowing and in the 30’s…and still beautiful.  We had to stop a few times during the hike just to absorb it all.  After having lived in the desert for the past 20-some years, it is still incredible that we are here with the mountains in our backyard.  Enjoy….