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View from that pedestrian bridge….

Several weeks ago, I shared a post about a pedestrian bridge that’s about a mile and a half from our house.  I suppose the essay focused more on despair and hope than it did on the bridge itself, but it also touched on the view from up on the bridge and how one might gain perspective or even peace in such an unlikely place.  Anyway, I returned to the bridge this evening to take pictures of the view so that I might share them and maybe offer something tangible to go along with the words in the writing.  If you’d like to read the essay, click on the words The Pedestrian Bridge and they will take you to it.  If not, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures by themselves.

Not real pretty to look at, but it serves its purpose.

Mt. Olympus from the side…like a plate standing on its edge.

It looks like the freeway leads right into the canyon, but it actually heads to the left and skirts the Wasatch range…kind of a peacefully distracting view on the way home from work at the end of the day.

This is the view just to the right of the last picture…incredible mountains.

Looking through the fence, the thing that keeps us safe up there, provides a boundary somehow…but one that we can see through, obviously, so that we can still measure our lives and problems against something a bit more permanent, something of a grander scale that might offer perspective to whatever is happening in our day-to-day.

Looking to the west, we find the Oquirrh Mountains, not as majestic or awe-inspiring as the Wasatch range, but still beautiful in the right light.  It’s not in the picture, but off to the right of this mountain chain, viewed from the proper height, one can see the Great Salt Lake.

Can you imagine looking out your back window at all of that?  Amazing….

Utahns really like their flags…they’re everywhere, it seems.

Bells Canyon’s Peaks…there’s a beautiful waterfall up in this canyon, you can see photos of it in some of my other posts.

Classic view of the Wasatch range…there was still snow on the peaks and in those veins when I visited Salt Lake last July.