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Lines and Shadows

One of the remarkable things about being the first person out on the trail after a snow-fall is that the first visage with the unblemished snow will not exist again until it snows significantly enough to cover all the tracks…and that might be months or a year away.  So it was with a bit of reluctance, then, that I continued along the trail, being the one to mark-up the perfect snow-fall…the one to taint the treasure that only existed for a few hours.  Here’s some mind-boggling beauty for you…

The photos were all taken along the Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City, USA.

Crazy Sunrise

I was a block from the house and had to stop at a stop-sign…and when I turned to my right to look into the cul-de-sac to make sure there was no traffic coming, I saw this crazy sunrise blazing up from behind the mountains…so I went through the intersection and quickly turned around and sped back to the house and flew into and through the garage and to my desk and grabbed my camera and rushed out the back door and hoped hoped hoped that it would all still be there…and this is what remained…

…and yes, yes, yes…there is a lesson here…and it was just cemented for me…

…it is time to start taking the camera with me everywhere…even for the drive to and from work everyday….

Nature’s Art in Ice

Up-stream from where I found the ice tubes or chutes from those earlier posts, there was another ice spectacular that I couldn’t resist.  It was the perfect cross between the chute and the over-turned punch bowl in a stream, house-like, almost…or maybe not…but wonderful, still.

There’s something crazy or magical or even mysterious about this…like looking at the growth rings of a tree without having to cut it open to see them….