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Mountain Dreams

City Paint 2 – 27th Street Gallery

On the corner of 2700 South and West Temple, in Salt Lake City, one can find the 27th Street Gallery.  Their parking lot is separated from the neighborhood by a four to five foot wall that runs the entire length of the parking lot.  It appears that the gallery sponsored a street-art exhibition with the Univeristy of Utah in 2011 and donated their parking-lot wall to be used as the canvas.  I’m not an art historian, but my daughter-in-law has a degree in the subject and shared with me that these renderings are of renowned works…but with a little something missing…something left-out of the works, apparentl,y so as not to infringe upon copyright holdings…or something of the sort.  Or maybe it’s so that the murals can be back-drops for portraits, as you might notice a painted set of foot-prints near the bottom of several of the pictures…where one might stand to be the focus of the mural and have their photo taken…maybe.


City Paint 1 – 5 Monkeys Bar

I stumbled across this little bit of building art a couple of weeks ago.  It got me to thinking about all of the building and street art that I have noticed in our city over the past several months.  I’ve seen tagging and “normal” graffiti in other cities where I’ve lived, but the Salt Lake area has offered something new (to me, anyway), in that various businesses adorn their outer and street-facing walls with murals and tag-like art-work as advertising.  Having seen many examples of this particular art-form, I thought it might be interesting to share a little series of my findings.

My daily commute to work, my lunch-time wanderings near my down-town work location, and my Saturday morning explorations have become intentional scouting trips since my first serendipitous discovery of this unique building art on the back-side of the 5-Monkeys Bar in Murray, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Far from Home

Snow Cones

Misty Morning

Brick Door and Window

Another door photo inspired by Mike and his look at life – with a twist….

This building is a couple blocks down the same road from the Church/Barn Door photo and appears to be from the same era.  It appears to be used for music instruction, as I have seen children of all ages arriving and leaving with their cased instruments at all times of the morning and afternoon…from a regular door on the front of the building.


Little One