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Salt Lake City Squirrel

Hmm…I’m not aware of any legends or folk-lore from the early pioneers that involve crops being saved by squirrels or anything like that…no Miracle of the Squirrels…but I was lacking a particularly creative title for these photos, so I borrowed the earlier one from the sea-gulls…I don’t think they’ll mind…and I hope you won’t either.

I rounded a corner in Liberty Park on my lunch-time walk yesterday and heard this guy scolding someone, or otherwise chatting up a storm.  As I stood there and snapped a dozen or so photos, it became clear that it was scolding…and it was directed at me.  You can tell through the photos that the squirrel’s curiosity was piqued…and then his patience began to wane…resulting in the last photo where he was looking downright threateningly at me…insisting in his squirrel fashion that I desist with the photo-taking and continue onward with my walk….  “You only have so much time for your walk, right?  So get on with it…!”

Winter doesn’t seem to have been too harsh for this little guy….

“Aren’t you done yet?  You said ‘just one more’ before you took the last one?”

“Ok, that was fun…now go away!”