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Church/Barn Door…?

The image was collected on inspiration by Mike and his look at life…doors being a recurrent theme in his blog.  I’ve been walking past this door and its building for over a year on my lunch-time walks…and have been wondering at the building for the entire time.  It is located in a central city neighborhood in Salt Lake City and appears to have been built in the very early part of the last century.  The whole structure reminds me of barns that I used to see when I lived in Germany, but there are windows on the side of the building (on the right side and perpendicular to the side viewed in this photo) that are rather tall and arching…as would be found on a church.  Regardless of what the building was in its former usefulness, it now appears to be only a relic of that former time and used to house assorted junk and other items that simply have not been hauled-away yet.