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Liberty Park – December Reflection

Liberty Park Pond Reflection

Oquirrh Mountain Panorama

The Oquirrh (pronounced like “ochre” and meaning “wooded mountain” or “shining mountain” in the Goshute Indian language) Mountains provide a natural boundary for the western edge of the Salt Lake Valley…and while they are  not as impressive in forested ruggedness and height as the Wasatch Mountains that serve as the eastern boundary, they do have their moments of splendor.  Something that detracts from the natural beauty of the range is the open-pit mine that you can see toward the right of the image.  All of that being said, the Oquirrhs do still provide a compelling backdrop or landscape feature when viewed under particular circumstances and from certain perspectives.  I made this photo while on the summit of Grandeur Peak (8,299 ft), which is on the opposite side of the valley, just north of the entrance to Millcreek Canyon.

Oquirrh Mountain Panorama


This is from March, 2011…with another two months of snow to come…two weather systems per week moved through the area mountains from March to May of that year, bringing record snow levels to the Wasatch….

Snowy roof, Porter Fork, Utah




This was the first of five images in the Homestead series…to see all of the photographs in the collection, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Homestead Series under the Categories icon.

Winter Treasures….

Icy pearls in winter stream 1

Icy pearls in winter stream 2

Icy pearls in winter stream 3

Icy pearls in winter stream 4

Icy pearls in winter stream 5

Icy pearls in winter stream 7

Peace of Christmas

Christmas Tree in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

Yes, it will be a white Christmas….

I don’t often post twice in one day, but this was too good to pass-up, given the occasion….  It’s been snowing for almost two hours now…close to two inches of white stuff on the ground so far…projected to get close to four inches in the Salt Lake Valley…and over a foot in the nearby mountains….

Dreaming of a White Christmas


“Christmas Eve will find you….”

Blurry Christmas lights

Life. Is. Good.

Baby Cosette joined us in time to be an early Christmas present for her Papa….

Life is good


Alien Abduction…for Christmas?

Blurry Christmas Lights in Motion