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Addendum to – “Mineral Fork in June…part one….”

In reference to my mentioning (in this earlier post) the map above my desk at work with variously colored pins denoting the number of times I’ve hiked particular trails, Yvonne asked “…where is the photo of the map with all the pins?”

Well here it is, Yvonne…with a second photo of a close-up.  If you can zoom-in close enough to see the names, you’ll notice Millcreek Canyon is the one toward the left, Big Cottonwood Canyon in the middle heading toward the yellow and pink pins closer toward the top of the map, and then Little Cottonwood Canyon towards the right.  The more open area at the far right of the map, near the glare and the single pink and yellow pins, is American Fork Canyon…which is in Utah County, south of the Salt Lake Valley proper.

Map of Wasatch Mountain hiking trails

You can see the new purple pin for Mineral Fork…indicating three or more hikes to that location.  The pin should actually be placed at about the fourth to last dash in that black dotted line, as that is approximately where the cirque is located…with only a tiny portion of a very faint trail remaining up to the top of the ridge…which happens to actually come down into the next drainage by the Sister Lakes of Blanche, Florence, and Lillian, where you see the next purple pin….  With the map right there at my desk, it’s hard to concentrate on work sometimes…planning my next hike….

close-up of map with pins