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East of the Wasatch Mountains

Uintah Mountains east of Wasatch Mountain Range


Golden Fall…in quartet

Some final images, maybe, of our quickly fading Fall….


Clouds over Dromedary Peak

Dromedary Peak Utah under snow and clouds

Fall Perspectives of Mill A Basin

Our mountain images of Fall can have such stark contrasts sometimes…the below image is from October of this year, looking across Mill A Basin and out into Big Cottonwood Canyon….

Mill A Basin in October 2013

…and this last image is looking across the basin from a slightly different angle…just by turning to the right a few degrees…but taken in September of last year when all of the Aspen were still covered in their golden robes…..

Mill A Basin in September 2012



Maple seeds highlighted by the rising sun….

Maple seeds at sunrise


flashback to summer

Wasatch Mountain Wildflowers on Great Western Trail

Wasatch peaks…

Hiking Butler Fork from the trail-head in Big Cottonwood Canyon up to Baker’s Pass on the ridge between Big Cottonwood and Millcreek Canyons provides magnificent views of the surrounding mountains….  From left to right, those are Dromedary, Sunrise, and Broads Fork Twin Peaks…all part of the Wasatch Mountains that provide the natural, eastern geographic boundary for the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, USA.

Dromedary, Sunrise, and Twin Peaks of the Wasatch Mountains

did you ever…

…look at things is if you might never see them again…?

Dried wildflowers 2

I imagine that we would see those things with a certain richness…

Dried wildflowers 4

…one that would surpass the experience of when we first saw them.

Dried wildflowers 1

I think it would be bittersweet, as well…

Dried wildflowers 6

…for while we would be sad that we would never see them again, we would be joyous that we had ever beheld them at all….

Dried wildflowers 3


circus in the sky…?

Elephant cloud over White Pine Canyon


touch of red

mountain ash and aspen in fall

Looking west in October

Captured in an image from my first few months in Utah, back in 2010, these are the Oquirrh Mountains that form the western geographic boundary of the Salt Lake Valley.  While they are not much to look at for several months of the year, they do clean-up nicely with the clouds and snow.

Oquirrh Mountains clouds and Fall-colored neighborhood


Wasatch Mountain Wonderful

Wasatch Mountain Fall Panorama

confusaque fungi

I don’t have the common or Latin names for the fungi shared below, so I trusted “Google Translate” with the Latin version of “assorted fungi,” and there it is, confusaque fungi….

Fungi from trail to Bells Canyon Upper Reservoir 1

This is only a handful of the images of fungi that I’ve made since Spring of this year.

Fungi from trail to Bells Canyon Upper Reservoir 2

They represent my forays into the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains and were found near the trails leading to places like –

Copa de Oro fungi from trail to Mt Aire

Bells Canyon Upper Reservoir, White Pine Lake, Mt Aire…

log fungi from Spruce's Campground

and Days Fork, the trail-head, of which, is located in the Spruces Campground, about eight or nine miles up into Big Cottonwood Canyon.

fungi from trail to Mt Aire

And if you’re interested, Mt Aire is in Millcreek Canyon, White Pine Lake is in Little Cottonwood Canyon…

toadstool fungi from Spruce's Campground

and Bells Canyon Upper Reservoir is located in…yep, Bells Canyon, just south of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Fungi from trail to Days Fork

second verse

We mark ourselves here as a tiny part of that something-greater, a piece of the mystery and puzzle and wonder that is life…be it an accident or a gift, we do well to cherish it….

Fall trail in the morning


it’s time…

Geese in formation


Call it what you will, but that’s what it was…and that’s the view I had while driving home from work yesterday afternoon….  The mass of rock and earth to the left of the cloudburst is Mt Olympus…rising to 9,026 feet in elevation with a prominence of 4,700 ft over the Salt Lake Valley.

snow burst over Wasatch Mountains


Another Fall in the Wasatch

Fall in the Wasatch Mountains

beacon of…

No hiking today, but I did take a rainy/snowy windshield tour of the northeastern part of Salt Lake City this morning.  I had never seen the light atop the capitol building, but there it is…a beacon of something or other.  I made this image from the paved loop of City Creek Canyon, just north and east of the Utah State Capitol.

Utah State Capitol Building from City Creek Canyon

come walk with me

on a sunday morning

feel the crisp air on your face and the warming sun on your back as we follow the trail off and into the waiting mountains

turn around and marvel at the white bark glowing in the sunrise

winter-bare aspen preparing for the cold

the rich greenery of summer’s forest floor has turned golden and brown and looks bleak without the morning’s sun

but we are here with the waking day

rejoicing at the trail beneath our feet and the burning in our legs and lungs as we press ever upward from valley floor to mountain top

come walk with me and sing our quiet sunday song

mountain trail on a Fall morning