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Antelope Island – a study of White, fourth….

hillside of aspen shadows

While there are tiny green shoots of various types of tubers and grasses poking up through the winter brown grass and whatnot that covers our various landscapes, the season of snow is not finished here in the Wasatch.  It’s hard to remember, with the spring-like, crystal-clear skies and warming days, that it is really only February.  A pacific storm will be coming in tomorrow and laying another 3-7 inches of white stuff in the mountains…and then another stronger one comes in Friday that will last through the weekend and into next week…that will deliver another 12-18 inches.  Even though I am beginning to ache for the warmth of the clear trails and greening mountains, I can’t help but love the beautiful white of the wintery Wasatch Mountains.

I made this image over a month ago when returning from a hike toward White Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

aspen shadows on hillside


Sailboats on The Great Salt Lake

I spent a few hours on Stansbury Island and the south shore of The Great Salt Lake this past weekend…and while I know that I was a few to several hundred yards away from the freeway during much of the time, I can’t honestly remember hearing any of the traffic that passed behind me.  I do, however, remember being entranced by the images of triangle sails moving ever so slowly on the lake’s horizon, the sounds of gulls calling above me, and the clouds that shone in their vivid whiteness in the crazy blue of the late February sky.  All of that, combined with the chilly wind coming across the lake, made for an incredible afternoon.



Canada Geese on Rush Lake with Stansbury Mountains in Background


Antelope Island – a study of White, third….

Mt Timpanogos in early Spring

This is yet another photograph from last April when I spent the better part of two days exploring the countryside south and west of my home in the Salt Lake Valley of northern Utah, USA.  I made this photo while standing on the side of a road in Cedar Valley, facing the eastern horizon and the mountains of the Wasatch Range.

Timpanogos in early Spring


Antelope Island’s White Rock Bay

White Rock Bay, Antelope Island Utah


some peace….

peace sign in abandoned building

Antelope Island – a study of White, second….

This is the second of what has become five posts that document our most recent visit to Antelope Island out in The Great Salt Lake.  With the exception of maybe one or two images that still hold a sense of desolation or extreme alone-ness, this next series presents a bit of brighter sky that we found as we neared the northern shore of the island…looking north and west in most of these photos, we were free of the fog and inversion that blocked the eastern view of the Wasatch Mountains and Davis County shoreline.

Again, you can click on any image to be taken to a slide-show where you can see each photo in a larger format.


Tintic Standard Reduction Mill – Abandoned Rail Line

Tintic Abandoned Rail Line



Gull over The Great Salt Lake


wildflower morning

wildflower morning

Antelope Island – a study of White, first….

If you’ve been visiting this blog for at least a couple of years, or have spent some time browsing through the archives, you might remember the excursions that my family and I have made out to Antelope Island, the largest island in The Great Salt Lake of northern Utah, USA.  As much of our local family is currently visiting other family down in Arizona right now, my second son, his son, and I thought we would take another field-trip to the island.  We were expecting it to look a bit different with a blanket of snow.

If you’d like to see the posts from our other visits, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, find the Categories widget, and then click on Antelope Island.  If you’ll visit some of those earlier posts, I think you’ll agree that things look very different with the snow.

You can view the images in a larger format by clicking on any photograph…you’ll be able to view them in a bit of a slide-show….

You might remember this tree stump from September, 2012, when I had the series of posts, “by sun and salt,” first through last…