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Union Station – Utah’s Railroad Museum

I’ve had this post sitting in the “drafts” folder for quite a while now…probably close to a year, I suppose.  I was a little disappointed with the museum and the quality of photos that I collected when my little one and I visited there, maybe because it was a perfectly bright, sunlit day that caused the photos to be a little washed-out, or maybe because many of the vehicles were not maintained as well as I thought they should/could have been…or that they were parked too close together under the protective awning to be able to get decent photos of them in their entirety.  At any rate, here are some highlights of the visit to Union Station in Ogden, Utah.  If you’re interested, you can click on the highlighted name to be taken to the homepage of the historic building and then navigate around to learn more about the railroad museum and Union Station’s other offerings.