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What is Professionalism…?

In preparation for a career opportunity several years ago, I considered this word and many of its possibilities. I scanned the internet and found a host of articles about the qualities of professionalism, the top seven or ten characteristics, etc., but didn’t find anything that struck me as being the essence of the word…so I came up with my own…as follows:

“Professionalism is the manner of conduct which exemplifies, enhances, and reinforces the standards of behavior, quality, and performance of the members of a given profession.”

There are, of course, many other things which can be said of the notion, but having considered quite a few of them, I find that they fit within the framework of what I have offered above.

I realize that this post is quite a bit different from my normal fare, but I’m preparing for yet another career opportunity and have been giving the topic of professionalism more focused thought and attention than I have in several years.

Many of my blog-friends and readers have been retired from the working life for several years and come from a variety of careers, so it would be interesting to learn of your ideas about how professionalism was demonstrated in your own career pursuits.