Cedar Valley Utah

Mt Timpanogos in early Spring

This is yet another photograph from last April when I spent the better part of two days exploring the countryside south and west of my home in the Salt Lake Valley of northern Utah, USA.  I made this photo while standing on the side of a road in Cedar Valley, facing the eastern horizon and the mountains of the Wasatch Range.

Timpanogos in early Spring


Cedar Valley Morning

Cedar Valley morning, Utah


island in a field

island in a field


Cedar Fort mountain vista

Cedar Fort mountain vista


on the road

Motorists and cyclists on Cedar Fort Road, Utah County, Utah

Fields of Cedar Valley

From looking at a map of the area, I want to say that the draw (the “V” area just above the fence-posts) is either Pole Canyon or Four Mile Canyon…but I’m not certain…..  This was taken facing north from Cedar Fort Road…out in Utah County…a bit north of Eagle Mountain.

Oquirrh Mountains over Cedar Valley fields


purple hills and white mountains

purple fields and white mountains

A tractor for Timpanogos

There are acres and acres of fields just north of the Cedar Fort road that leads into the Cedar Valley of Utah County and beyond.  A week or so ago, I shared a photo, “farm and mountain panorama,” that had a tractor in a field beneath the snow-covered Oquirrh Mountains, the range that provides the western border for the Salt Lake Valley…and contributes to the north-western border of Cedar Valley.  I returned to the area the following weekend and made some photos while facing the other direction…toward the Wasatch Mountains in general, and toward this mass of rock and earth, specifically, that is known as Mount Timpanogos…a very prominent feature of the eastern skyline for much of Utah County…which is located directly south of the Salt Lake Valley…and Salt Lake County proper.

Tractor in field under Mt Timpanogos, Utah County, Utah


Cedar Fort fields and mountains in black and white

Cedar Fort mountain vista in black and white

bird on a…line….

she sang and sang…and the quiet was sad without her….

bird on a line with mountain in background

when I see them…

When my family and I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, a couple of years ago, a new dimension was added to our lives.  My third son was introduced to and became near obsessed with road cycling….  It became his thing, his activity, part of his daily life…riding hundreds of miles each week, up and down the hills and into the mountain canyons that surround the Salt Lake Valley.

Utah road-cyclists and mountains 1

My son and his little family have since moved back to Arizona…and he has spent the last few months getting used to riding the desert roads and highways that criss-cross the greater Phoenix area, the Valley of the Sun….

Utah road-cyclists and mountains 2

While I was never inconsiderate or discourteous to cyclists when I encountered them on the roadways wherever I have lived, I became even more aware of their very pronounced presence in the Salt Lake area…cyclists are absolutely everywhere around here…and my son was one of them.

Utah road-cyclists and mountains 3

While he no longer lives here, I can’t help but think of my son when I see cyclists out on the road…can’t help but recall his recounting of rides that he took out into the countryside that surrounds the greater Salt Lake area…greening fields in the springtime with snow-covered mountains in the background…that solitary rider out there racing against himself and the wind and the angle of the roadway…that joy in his beating heart…riding…riding…..

solitary Utah road-cyclist and mountains

East toward the Wasatch….

Another image for Gunta…situated near Eagle Mountain, Utah…west of Lehi and Provo…looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains….

East toward the Wasatch from Eagle Mountain, Utah

farm and mountain panorama

I went exploring this past Saturday and ended-up a bit south and west of the Salt Lake Valley…found myself in the farm country near a development called, “Eagle Mountain.”  This is actually in Utah County, directly west of Lehi…which is just west of the greater Provo/Orem area.  The notion of vast wheat fields nestled up against snow-covered mountains is one that is still new to me…but I find that it provides a very compelling image, too.

Eagle Mountain farm and mountain panorama