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and one….

Geese in the fog

stardust and snowflakes

sparkling snowbank with overhanging branches

rolling snow waves

sparkling snow dunes


“Christmas Eve will find you….”

Blurry Christmas lights


Alien Abduction…for Christmas?

Blurry Christmas Lights in Motion



Upright motion

“Happy” Birthday?

Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear You-Know-Who-You-Are…happy birthday to yooooooooooou….

In the air…

Ferris-wheel at Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah…sweet summer day….


Windows and Wood – Part II

In a comment on my earlier post, Windows and Wood, Andy (from LensScaper) suggested that I treat some of the photos with a gritty B&W finish and see how they look.  I think it was an excellent idea….


Windows and Wood

The first shot isn’t real pretty…in fact, it’s probably technically ugly…but it provides context for the photos that follow….

Dancing in the Dark

You might remember the original photo from my earlier post “Dandelion.”  I started playing with the image in Picasa….


Running Red Lights