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Albion Basin under an early snow

It can all look so different, depending upon one’s location and the season in which one is doing the looking.  The peak to the right is named “Sugarloaf” and has a ski-lift and run just outside of the frame to the right.  In August of 2011, I found myself standing atop Sugarloaf and then walking the ridge to the point right about in the center of the photo…in that little dip in the ridge just before it begins to climb up into the Devil’s Castle, just left of center.  If you’d like to take a look down into Albion Basin from up on that ridge, click on this highlighted link – Cecret Lake and Surround, which is the post I shared after the hike.  I made the image below on September 29 of this year…while standing on another ridge on the opposite side of the valley.

Albion Basin Utah

Over Alta

I went for a hike this past Sunday and serendipitously found myself on the ridge over Alta, Utah.  When I started at the trail-head several miles north, I had no idea that the essentially new-to-me trail would take me all the way over here.  I’m glad I followed the footsteps in the snow…..

For those of you interested, the ski village of Alta is located about 9.5 miles up, and at the near-terminus of Little Cottonwood Canyon, one of the three major canyons (the furthest south) that stretch east into the Wasatch Mountains, which form the natural, eastern geographic boundary for the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, USA.  To make the photo, I was standing on the ridge at about 9,800 feet in elevation and looking down onto Alta, which is right around 8,600 ft.

My hike started in Days Fork, which is actually in Big Cottonowood Canyon, the next major canyon north of Little Cottonwood.  I took the side trail toward Silver Fork Pass, went around the bowl at the terminus of Silver Fork, and found myself along the ridge that provides the northern wall of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and as you can see below, looking down into Alta.

above Alta Utah

Sunday in Alta

I love to hike (understatement)…I love the rain (another understatement)…I really like when it starts to rain when I’m out hiking…but I’m not a huge fan of going out to hike when it’s already raining and is expected to rain all day……can’t really explain that last part, but that’s the way it is with me.   So…instead of venturing out for a rain-soaked hike to Red Pine Lake as we had planned…my hiking son and I drove to the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon, past the cozy ski-town/village of Alta, and stopped for a few minutes in the parking-lot at the trail-head for Cecret Lake (yes, “Cecret”) in the Albion Basin.  I rather like the effect of the raindrops of the windscreen of the truck…and I rather enjoy the effect of the clouds on the mountains, too.

sunday in alta