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Sunday in Alta

I love to hike (understatement)…I love the rain (another understatement)…I really like when it starts to rain when I’m out hiking…but I’m not a huge fan of going out to hike when it’s already raining and is expected to rain all day……can’t really explain that last part, but that’s the way it is with me.   So…instead of venturing out for a rain-soaked hike to Red Pine Lake as we had planned…my hiking son and I drove to the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon, past the cozy ski-town/village of Alta, and stopped for a few minutes in the parking-lot at the trail-head for Cecret Lake (yes, “Cecret”) in the Albion Basin.  I rather like the effect of the raindrops of the windscreen of the truck…and I rather enjoy the effect of the clouds on the mountains, too.

sunday in alta

Cecret Lake and Surround….

One of the pioneers from years gone-by named it “Cecret Lake,” probably because it was/is hidden way back at the end of a canyon and was little known to others…it is also referred to as “Secret Lake,” because…it probably feels more correct to do so.  The lake is at the end of a trail that is only one mile in length and is surrounded by beautiful crags and dome-shaped mountain tops.  On the other side of the hills around the lake are winter ski areas that receive more than 50 feet of snow each season.  All of this is in the Albion Basin, located at the end of the road that leads through Little Cottonwood Canyon and takes you to the ski village of Alta…which is about 15 miles from Sandy…one of the neighboring cities/towns of Salt Lake City, Utah.