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Windows and Wood – Part II

In a comment on my earlier post, Windows and Wood, Andy (from LensScaper) suggested that I treat some of the photos with a gritty B&W finish and see how they look.  I think it was an excellent idea….

Windows and Wood

The first shot isn’t real pretty…in fact, it’s probably technically ugly…but it provides context for the photos that follow….

Salt Lake City “City Library”

The Salt Lake City Main Library sits directly across the street from the Salt Lake City County Building that I shared in another post…while the library building seems to evoke a sense of peace and appears to be a wonderful place to sit and read a book or two, it has a rather grim history.  Check-out the article from Wikipedia for more information.


Salt Lake City County Building

As the name implies, both Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County government offices are housed in this beautiful building.  I spent almost an hour and a half on an early Saturday morning walking around the building taking photos…a very pleasurable experience…not many people on the street, hardly anyone on the grounds…nice and cool with a pretty morning sun finally lighting the east side of the building.  It is located in downtown Salt Lake City on what is referred to as Washington Square, right on State Street, across from a courthouse and down the street from the Utah State Capitol.  This particular square was first used as temporary camping grounds for the newly arriving Mormon pioneers and later served as a meeting place for fairs, cattle-drives, hay-sales, and other public events.

If I remember correctly, the building was constructed over a period of three to four years back in the 1890’s and served as the state capitol for a period in the early 1900’s.  This rather gothic-looking seat of government is surrounded by beautiful trees, statuary, and fountains, as well as benches and park tables that are frequent resting places for down-town folks on their lunch-hours and some of the inner-city street denizens.  In addition, the 2011 Salt Lake City Gay Pride festivities were held/celebrated on the building’s grounds, an open testimony, despite the influence of the powerful Mormon church, of the city’s acceptance of our LGBT community.

City Paint 6.2 – Progress Report on “Becoming”

If you’ll scroll back to “City Paint 6.1 – Becoming,” you’ll see the first two weeks’ progress on this western-themed mural that happens to be on the wall that encloses a parking lot behind a gun store, of all things.  This is the third installment of the mural’s progress, the first two being covered in the earlier post.  By the amount of work that’s been done since the last set of shots, it looks like it might be completed during this next week.

The first three shots are the three panels of the mural that are similar to the photos from the earlier post, presented in order from left to right.

And the final four photos are close-ups of the significant pieces of the mural, offered to show greater detail of the work….