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Watson Lake, Prescott – a study of textures and lines

I woke at 4:00 am, drove for two hours, and still arrived an hour or so after sunrise…considered doing the entire shoot in black and white…settled for color, though, as I could change the treatment later…changed the frame to more of a wide angle, similar to that of a large-screened television in format…found that I was disturbed by the breadth and mass of the sky in the viewfinder, actually felt off kilter, but I knew the setting would help for the more panoramic shots that would come later and didn’t want to keep fiddling with the camera…so I changed my point of view and came home with this….














More to follow….



In dreaming, I saw a dark valley….

Dark Valley of Mineral Fork

City Paint 13 – Urban Jungle Mural

Six months after I posted City Paint 5.1 – Ironclad Tattoo Re-do, the artist, Shae Petersen (AKA: FiftyK), happened to stumble across my blog and commented on the photos.  He also informed me that he had just completed another mural…and invited me to stop-by for a visit.

Urban Jungle Mural Panorama

I hope you’ll forgive the bit of sun-flare in the first three photos.  I managed to find someone nearby who allowed me into the fenced and locked property at almost noon on a mid-week day…so I couldn’t be choosy with the shooting arrangements…full sun overhead…shadows near the mural…anyway…I hope you’ll enjoy the images despite their flaws….

Urban Jungle Mural Leaping Tiger

Shae told me that he had been commissioned by the Utah Arts Alliance to paint the Urban Jungle mural.

Urban Jungle Mural Iguana by Lake

He said that it will be the backdrop feature for a new urban-art garden that will be constructed in the empty lot that is immediately in front of the mural.  The painting is actually on a reception center building located at 615 West 100 South in Salt Lake City.

Urban Jungle Mural Primates by Buildings

When I asked him about the theme and how much liberty he and Chew had in creating the mural, he said that they were essentially told to use their discretion and make it however they wanted to.

Urban Jungle Mural leaping tiger close-up

Shae told me that he and another artist, Chew, the owner of Mark’s Ark combined their talents to create the mural that they have named “Urban Jungle.”

Urban Jungle Mural Mark's Ark underwater

He also told me that Chew had worked on other murals that you may have seen here on my blog… City Paint 1 – 5 Monkeys Bar and City Paint 3 – 2012 – The End?, as well as the recently posted City Paint 12.2 – 2020…Perfect Vision, and the Ironclad Tattoo mural that I mentioned above.

Urban Jungle Mural Iguana close-up

Urban Jungle Mural contemplative gorilla

Urban Jungle Mural helicopter city-scape

He said the urban jungle theme just struck them as appropriate…the animals don’t really have any significance in their selection or appearance…just seemed that they belonged there.

Urban Jungle Mural primates and buildings

Urban Jungle Mural standing gorilla

Urban Jungle Mural posturing juvenile gorilla

The mural is 127 feet in length and took the artists about two weeks to complete…for a cost of $1500.00….

Urban Jungle Mural elephant in the city

You can follow this link to view more of Shae’s work.

Urban Jungle Mural FiftyK.Net signature

Thank you for spending a bit of your day with me.  I hope you enjoyed the fantastically colored and skillfully rendered mural as much as I did.  If you’d like to view more of the City Paint Series, as well as other tidbits of street art and graffiti that I’ve found in the Salt Lake City area, you can scroll to the bottom of the page, find the “Categories” widget, and then click on “Street Art – Graffiti.”

the seduction of snow

Folds of snow and shadows

Rolling snow and shadows

Snow mound and shadow lines

Waves of snow and shadow

Shadow play on snow

Bridge at Elbow Fork


City Paint 6.3 – Another progress report on “Becoming”

I can’t imagine that there’s much more work to be done in completing this mural…but then again, I’m not the artist, so I can’t fairly judge what else he/she/they might have planned.  You can click on these earlier posts’ titles to see the progress that’s been made since the beginning of the work…City Paint 6.1 – Becoming, and City Paint 6.2 – Progress Report on “Becoming,” or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Street Art – Graffiti” category to view the complete City Paint series.

Enrichment – Second


Peace in Liquid Form

It trickles and slides down a slate or travertine bed, held in its course by the same or different, or by siliconed shores of flame-colored copper pipes or pewter-hued stainless tubes, squared or not.  It ascends heights and heights in rivers round of rubber or acetate or plastic somethings that are bolted and clipped and bound to wooden frames, primal substances joined again in processed forms, the outside brought within, wrought components of elemental peace.  It jumps up, propelled or thrust there by motors quiet or loud, close or far away, tucked into a cabinet pool or beneath the spray in a basin bare, a basin bare or full of stones come from rivers away and worn in a tumble from a mountainside over years and eons and miles away.  Wires bring life and form and motion to all, copper arteries in plastic coats in various thickness and color, loose and curled in their spooling or taut in their barely-reaching, as they were cut too short by a helper’s hand.

Life pounds quietly in this watery form, in its climbing and falling again, in its soft spray or gentle trickle down.  You can hear it in that sacred room, your sanctuary away from life’s rush and static loom, those tiny waves rolling from above in tender cascades that bring peace from his hands to your home, from his heart to your life abode or enterprise or garden or celebratory hall.  Those islands of craft and science in a sea of wakefulness and thought and design and calculating engineering and peace and satisfaction that cause and stir a watery genius of art and science, they become substance and form in hours of concentration and delight in a dusty garage in a desert land, they live in those plastered walls’ confines, brought together in after-hours’ times and moments stolen from a day, born in the solitude of his heart and brain and sent finally across miles to live in some other realm, they come from gentle hands and rough, and a tender heart and torn, where peace is sought and restored in a blended liquid form of art and craft, and love.