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Out for a drive

A few days ago, I was listening to one of my newer dispatchers work an accident call at a major intersection in our large city.  There were several vehicles involved and traffic was a mess with nobody getting through the intersection, others crossing through parking lots at corner businesses, and yet others cutting into and through the alleyways that exist in and around the immediate vicinity.  One of the vehicles involved was a large pick-up truck that was pulling a horse-trailer.  Evidently, this truck and trailer plowed into a passenger car that was in the left-turn lane and was trying to make it across the intersection between passing vehicles.  The passenger car was being driven by a 15 year-old boy who had his learner’s permit and had his father in the front passenger seat.  The boy was transported to a local children’s hospital and the dad was transported to a major trauma center.  The last report was that the boy was in stable condition.  The next day, we learned that the father passed-away from his injuries…he caught the full impact of the truck pulling the horse-trailer.

Was the boy excited that day to go for a drive?  Did he pester his dad relentlessly to take him out to practice?  Or was the dad the one who offered…?  “Hey, I’m running up to the store, wanna drive?”

How long will it be until the boy has a desire to get his license again?


Dying for a Beer

About a month ago, in the wee hours of the morning, 34 minutes after midnight, to be exact, patrol officers from the West-City Precinct observed suspicious activity on the part of a vehicle’s occupants while it was parked in the roadway at 55th and McDoring.  When officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle fled west-bound on McDoring.  Officers terminated their attempt to stop the vehicle prior to reaching 59th.   The suspect vehicle continued to 75th where it then accessed the east-bound freeway, entering and finally exiting it south-bound on 19th.  A tactical surveillance had been implemented at 67th and the freeway, with only the air unit maintaining visual contact of the suspect vehicle.   As the vehicle reached the intersection of 19th and Bridgeline Road, it ran a red light and struck an east-bound vehicle broadside, killing the driver instantly.   There were no other occupants in the victim vehicle.   The suspect driver and passenger were taken into custody…both with minor injuries.  It was later learned that the occupants had done a beer-run in the West-City Precinct area earlier in the evening.  The driver presented with obvious signs of intoxication.  Detectives from the Vehicular Crimes Unit responded to handle the case.

A couple weeks later, in the same West-City Precinct, at a given convenience store that we’ll call “Triangle J,” at only 9:30 p.m. on the particular evening, an adult male suspect was in the process of stealing beer from the Triangle J store when he was stopped by the adult male victim and his wife.  As the female victim, Mrs. Josette Citizen, tried to prevent the suspect from exiting the store with the stolen beer, the suspect struck her in the head with a semi-automatic handgun, causing non-life threatening injuries. The male victim, Mr. Joe Citizen, interceded on behalf of his injured wife and was shot once in the chest by the suspect.  He died of his injuries, Mr. Joe Citizen did, right there, in the doorway of the Triangle J convenience store.  The suspect fled on foot to a waiting vehicle.  A search of the area was negative for the suspect.  Detectives from the Homicide Unit responded to handle the case.  A few days later, the suspect’s sister, having seen the Triangle J convenience store’s video surveillance tape on the morning news, called 9-1-1 and told our operator that it was her brother who committed the murderous beer-run.  Two days later, officers and detectives arrested the suspect…and his parents and other family members…who had been hiding the suspect…and who had destroyed evidence that would have definitively linked the suspect to the crime.

I probably enjoy a bottle of ice-cold suds as much as the next person…but this is beyond my comprehension.