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Ice Features

Feathers and forests and peaks and waves in icy textures and hues and….


I believe this is a Subalpine Fir with the upright and silvery needles.  Its cones also grow upright along the branches.  These photos were taken along the stream in Little Cottonwood Canyon, in the Wasatch Mountains, to the south and east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Spirit of Winter

The Spirit of Winter moved across the face of the waters and caused tiny miracles to happen wherever she placed her fingers…sometimes flat and smooth with crystals forming in abstract covers over tiny pools where the water still ran smooth and deep, other times in long and fragile wands hanging from rocks or branches or trees, and still other times growing upright and outward, curling from the spray of moving waters beneath, forming into little orbs of icy glass, jewels all, delicate, temporal…and vanishing with the passing of time and warm currents and breezes.