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My wife told me the other day that she and her mom were going through our large picture bin…and that she could tell which photos I had taken, as opposed to those that other family members had taken over the years.  She told me that I took pictures of objects and scenery…and very rarely of people….  My wife then proceeded to conduct a three-minute psychological analysis of my attachment disorder vs. autism spectrum disorder quotients and determined that I wasn’t screwed-up beyond repair…but that hope was fleeting.   So, in an attempt at self-therapy, I have dedicated myself to incorporating more people into my photography.  I don’t know if it’s working yet…but I understand that therapy often takes a long time and progress is measured incrementally….

People eat apples….

There is more than a little about this guy that resembles a person.

And since this guy is so human-like, he probably eats apples, too…so he probably qualifies even more to be considered as a person…or people-like.

Lastly, this is Wilson…my little one’s best friend, his guardian and protector…and is definitely a person.  You might also notice that my knee and neck are in the picture…almost a self-portrait and definitely parts of a person.

So, this is my first attempt at incorporating more people into my photography.  I think I might have done well, but will have to wait until my psychologist reviews the work to be sure….