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Io at a glance….

I received the below image in a text message from my bride at the end of April of this year.  She later explained that the property manager at her workplace found this this little guy and his two brothers up on the roof of one of the buildings at their office complex.

My youngest son named the kitty, “Io,” a Greek goddess whose name was later attached to one of Jupiter’s moons…which happens to be the most geologically active object in our solar system with over 400 active volanoes.

The above photo was made this past weekend during one of Io’s quieter moments…he’s seven months old now and thinks he’s part tiger….

Mama Cat

The frightened kittens’ whiskers flicked and then their ears laid back against their heads as the leaves on the trees overhead held more still than one thought possible in the angered wind and the shadow was heard to pass and nearer it came with its untold talons poised to grasp what no-one knew was waiting and it only passed and left undone the things that made its doing so terrible because it was alone and the mama cat moved against the shadow’s passing and fought the enigmatic thing that wrestled between them still and she was calm and the babies’ ears stood upright again for they were as they should be and safe when she found them again and they were not alone – and their whiskers flicked again and they were not afraid –