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Snow Cones


I suppose the word has a couple of meanings….

My Little One….


The Un-Fallen

Life on Life

Lines and Shadows

One of the remarkable things about being the first person out on the trail after a snow-fall is that the first visage with the unblemished snow will not exist again until it snows significantly enough to cover all the tracks…and that might be months or a year away.  So it was with a bit of reluctance, then, that I continued along the trail, being the one to mark-up the perfect snow-fall…the one to taint the treasure that only existed for a few hours.  Here’s some mind-boggling beauty for you…

The photos were all taken along the Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City, USA.


Blue and White


Trees in Silhouette

Treeline in Mill Creek Canyon during the sun’s waking…beautiful magic of light and clouds and the distance of a watching lens.