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roses in “rowses”

The western edge of metropolitan Phoenix is covered in various agricultural plots, fields and fields of sundry growing things, from acres of palm trees, salt-cedar trees, wheat (or some other grain), corn, cotton, carrots (recently harvested), onions, alfalfa….

Field of roses portrait

…and roses….

Field of roses landscape

…fields of them….

Flowers and clouds

….rows of them….

Fullness of pink roses

….rows(es) and rows(es) of roses….

Line of sight roses

“….red and yellow, (pink) and white….they are precious in (my) sight….”

Mountains and roses

A wrong turn last Sunday brought me to this bit of sweet serendipity….the northeast corner of Reems and Olive for any local readers….

One pink rose

I slowed down a bit to admire the fields, clouds, and the bright sky, and knew that I had to return with my camera in quick minutes to capture what I had hoped would be some amazing photographs.

Red and white centered

By the time I did return, maybe 15-20 minutes later, the clouds were piling closer to one another and the blue patches of sky were becoming fewer and fewer…and then blue was gray and the light was good for some photos and not for others.

Soft white roses

I’m not sure how long I was actually out there, stepping gently between the rows, crouching among the thorns, and muddying my shoes a bit in the process….

Rich red rose buds

…but I left with over 100 photos….

Rose bushes inside view

….and managed to whittle the prizes down to these few….

Roses in stages

As always….thank you for visiting….



sonshine…for his mother (and father, too)

Little One

The boys

Hmm…this might be one of my first “serious” attempts at photography…from twenty-some years ago.  The boys and I went for a short walk out into the forest that was near our house and tried to get some decent pictures to frame for the approaching Mother’s Day celebration.  We got some nice individual shots of each of the boys and then this group photo.  I have caught more than a little bit of harrassment over the years for the serious looks…Mom said they should have been smiling.  I wanted something more natural…serious even.  I suppose it would have been more “natural” to have them playing and smiling and knocking each other off the rock….  Anyway, I was pleased with the result…thought it was actually a bit of an accomplishment to get the boys, from three to six years of age, to sit still long enough to capture them in a less animated moment.