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portrait of a girl



My Huckleberry…..

Little One in straw hat


sonshine…for his mother (and father, too)

Little One


portrait of a boy

The boys

Hmm…this might be one of my first “serious” attempts at photography…from twenty-some years ago.  The boys and I went for a short walk out into the forest that was near our house and tried to get some decent pictures to frame for the approaching Mother’s Day celebration.  We got some nice individual shots of each of the boys and then this group photo.  I have caught more than a little bit of harrassment over the years for the serious looks…Mom said they should have been smiling.  I wanted something more natural…serious even.  I suppose it would have been more “natural” to have them playing and smiling and knocking each other off the rock….  Anyway, I was pleased with the result…thought it was actually a bit of an accomplishment to get the boys, from three to six years of age, to sit still long enough to capture them in a less animated moment.