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Scofield horse barn in black and white

Revisiting an earlier subject that you can find in its full-color rendition by clicking right here.

Scofield horse barn in black and white

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

Yet another fishing trip with my Little One that didn’t bring home any fish…didn’t bring home any tales of fish caught, or tales of fish that got away….

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

But we did find this Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, something that I had never seen before…the name seems like something that a passing traveler would have made-up on a whim…but there it is…and you can Google it.

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant close-up

Wikipedia says that it can be found in western North America, up into British Columbia, east into Minnesota and Illinois, and down into New Mexico and on to northern California.  I happened to find this little patch of Cleome serrulata along Utah State Highway 96 as it travels past Scofield State Park…about 100 miles south and east of the Salt Lake Valley.

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant at Scofield Reservoir

In addition to finding the little treasure of the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, my Little One and I also spotted some pelicans, a Western Grebe, and a pair of Sandhill Cranes with their young…which I might share in another post.