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Scofield horse barn in black and white

Revisiting an earlier subject that you can find in its full-color rendition by clicking right here.

Scofield horse barn in black and white

Scofield Horse Barn

You might remember that my little one and I went fishing up near Scofield Reservoir this past summer.  You might also remember that all of the fish were safe when we left…but that we brought home some images of the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, some other images of water-fowl, an image of the Scofield cemetery, and now some images of an abandoned barn.

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decorative brick work

A relic from another time, found in Scofield, Utah.

Abandoned building with decorative brick-work


Scofield fence-line

Scofield fence-line

Scofield cemetery

Scofield, Utah, is about 100 miles south and east of Salt Lake City and has come to be referred to as something of a ghost town.  This cemetery is the final resting place for, among others, 200 miners who lost their lives on May 1, 1900, in what was, at the time, the worst mining disaster in the history of the United States.  You can click here to read one of the many articles that a quick Google search will reveal.  Of the headstones and grave markers visible in this photo, the five similar, wooden ones are for some of the miners.  They appear to have been replaced/renewed at some time, as most of the wooden markers are in too good of a condition to have weathered 112 Utah summers and winters.

Scofield Utah cemetery