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Oquirrh Mountain Moon-set

I had a late start for work the other morning, and as I walked out to the truck, this is the sight that greeted me….

Oquirrh Mountain Moon-set



on the road

Motorists and cyclists on Cedar Fort Road, Utah County, Utah

farm and mountain panorama

I went exploring this past Saturday and ended-up a bit south and west of the Salt Lake Valley…found myself in the farm country near a development called, “Eagle Mountain.” ┬áThis is actually in Utah County, directly west of Lehi…which is just west of the greater Provo/Orem area. ┬áThe notion of vast wheat fields nestled up against snow-covered mountains is one that is still new to me…but I find that it provides a very compelling image, too.

Eagle Mountain farm and mountain panorama


Clouds over Mt. Olympus

Clouds over Mt. Olympus, Salt Lake City, Utah


Twin Peaks in the Evening

Snowy Twin Peaks in the Evening

Mountain Dreams