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Hiking toward Grandeur Peak…on a snowy Sunday in March….

Snow trail to Grandeur Peak Utah

Three trees on trail to Grandeur Peak Utah

Trail beneath the tree, to Grandeur Peak Utah

Clouds, trees and trail to Grandeur Peak, Utah

Clouds and ridge-line to Grandeur Peak, Utah

Trees and clouds on ridge-line to Grandeur Peak, Utah

Grandeur Peak, Utah, on a snowy Sunday in March, 2013

I have been up here six or seven times over the last couple of years, but never under conditions such as these.  The mountains had received somewhere between one and two and a half feet of new snow over the last four days…and while, yes, I am ready for true spring like the rest of us, I couldn’t believe the beauty of the snowy mountains and trees while I was out there.  So here you are, more snowy pictures from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA…I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…..


Oquirrh Mountain Cloudy Panorama

I might have mentioned it in the past, but the Oquirrh (pronounced like “ocher”) Mountains form the western boundary of the greater Salt Lake Valley….

Oquirrh Mountains cloudy panorama


Candle over the Mountains

Candle over Mountains

Bells Canyon Solitude

Driving in Snow

I find that one of the main hazards of driving in snow happens after the snow has fallen, the roads have been plowed, the immediate sky has cleared, and the clouds are gathering again over the mountains to loose another load of the white stuff.  It’s rather distracting…in a beautiful way.  It’s kind of hard to keep one eye on the car in front of you while using the other eye to keep the mountains lined-up properly in the view-finder…with the camera pointing out the side window….  After several anxious moments and a few close calls, it seemed more prudent to simply pull to the side of the road and take a few seconds longer to make it home.   🙂

This is Mount Olympus…a rather gorgeous part of the Wasatch Mountain range in any weather…

Somewhere around the cloud-filled bowl we can find Bells Peak and Lone Peak on a less cloudy day…

This is historic Wheeler Farm in front of Twin Peaks…

This is also part of Wheeler Farm…just to the left of the above picture…and with the afore-mentioned Mount Olympus in the background…

And this is Twin Peaks again…too pretty not to look at one more time….

These were all taken on my way home from work today…traveling south on 900 East, from around 4800 South to 6000 South, in the greater area of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  I suppose the streets actually went through the towns/cities of Murray and Cottonwood Heights…-ish…or something like that.

We had somewhere between three and five inches of snow last night, depending on how and where you might measure the pretty white stuff…and have a 100% chance of getting 2-4 more inches tonight…so they say….