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Winter in the Park

Snowy picnic table at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City Utah



Snow blankets on trees

Above Me

It wasn’t my intention, taking these pictures on the way to the park the other day, but I couldn’t resist them after spying the images up there as I was looking to see where the snow-clumps were falling from…as it warms up a bit, the gathered snow falls in gobs from the branches…making a nice cold mess of your glasses as you walk along, under the trees…minding your own business…on your lunch-time walk to the park…

And no, I wasn’t walking under these reeds, but I did have to look up to their 10-12 foot heights to capture the image….

I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but it’s pretty at this time of year, too…with the¬†flower/seed heads covered with snow….