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Park bench….

For those of you having an unseasonably warm summer, I offer you an unseasonably cool place to sit and relax…to while-away your lunch hour…to rest after your evening walk….Ā  šŸ™‚


Spring Snow

I’m not proud to say that I don’t know the names of these bushes and trees…they’re planted around the building at my work-place…the ones with the yellow flowers look like holly leaves…and the blossoms look like they’re from some type of apple or cherry tree, but the trees have had no fruit in the time that I’ve known them…so I don’t know what they are…maybe someone else does?Ā  At any rate…one day it was in the mid-70’s, and the next day it was in the 40’s and snowed…something like that.Ā  And this is what it looked like –

Sun, Snow, and Waterfalls

IĀ had madeĀ an earlierĀ trek to the falls in September or October of last year, and while it was beautiful in that Fall time, I could only wonder what the same hike might look like under the Winter or early Spring snow.Ā  I no longer have to wonder….