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driven to…distraction….

I actually made this photo from the overpass on another road, but that is my exit from the freeway (toward the right of the image) on my way home after work in the evenings…sometimes I miss it…when I’m distracted…….

Eastbound exit at State Street on I-215 with Wasatch Mountains in Background

The monster within….

We hear you walking the night-time stairs, that slight rustle of cloth on air, your fingertips on banister rails, opening doors and going where others would not, where things go┬ámissing after the setting sun…chemicals coursing through your veins, numbing your heart to what shouldn’t be…ink in your skin, rose in your hair, and a sheen on your lips┬áthat guard the abyss where you hide your cloven tongue…who are you behind those sparking eyes and pretty smile…do we know the real You?

Found on the side of a State Street tattoo establishment south of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.