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Bells Canyon Upper Falls

I made this photo in August of 2013 on what was my third trip to the upper reservoir in Bells Canyon, just south and east of Salt Lake City, Utah…it was also my last trip to these falls and the reservoir beyond…which I didn’t know at the time…couldn’t have known at the time….  But it is and was, and that’s the way it goes.  You might know that I’m living in the desert of Arizona now, again, and scenes like the one in this image are far from my experience in this new and old home of mine…they might exist, I just haven’t found them yet.

And why did I post the photo today….I don’t know…maybe a hankering or longing to be on the Wasatch trails again…thinking about where I’d be going if I was there.  Anyway, aside from the nostalgia, this image (even with the blown-out water) shows some of the damnably gorgeous scenery of the Utah mountains and canyons.  Enjoy….

Bells Canyon Upper Falls, August 2013


Faces of the Falls

This is from my first visit to the Bells Canyon’s lower falls in October 2010…

…and five months later in March 2011….

…and in July 2011 at the height of the snow-melt…it was hard to photograph any closer because of the spray….

…in September 2011…

…and a couple months later in November 2011….

…and now in January 2012…the only time I’ve seen it frozen-over….  I could barely hear the water trickling beneath the ice….

It still thrills my heart to live in a place where there are significantly changing seasons…different times of the year when the natural world puts on another face and shares a side of herself that we would miss if we didn’t visit her often….


We stand and marvel sometimes at the spectacles we find when visiting nature, when sojourning through a land that is ours to frequent and adore and love, but never really become a part of or control…such force and power…an amazing wonder, truly…and the feelings such a sight can evoke…of humility, awe, joy, and even peace, strangely, as we are nearly overcome with the loud and noise of rushing and pounding water on water and rock and earth…and the very core of our souls….

Time and Seasons….

I visited Provo Falls and Bridal Veil Falls last October…several months after the crush of water from the snow melt and before the cold of winter set in…and we visited the sites again today…in the middle of the snow melt season.  It’s incredible what eight months’ difference in time can mean in the amount of water passing through the same places…enjoy….

Provo Falls showcase waterfall October 16, 2010…

And now that same waterfall on July 10, 2011…

Bridal Veil Falls on October 16, 2010….

And now those same magnificent falls on  July 10, 2011….

The Stuff of Life

The pictures speak for themselves…really….

From a place that stirs the soul….

A haven for a troubled heart….

An escape, again, from the everyday….

Where worries are washed away with the silt….

From the little ones….

To the imponderable ones….

They all just wash away….

And the release is gentle, nourishing, restoring balance…

The stuff of life….