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hillside of aspen shadows

While there are tiny green shoots of various types of tubers and grasses poking up through the winter brown grass and whatnot that covers our various landscapes, the season of snow is not finished here in the Wasatch.  It’s hard to remember, with the spring-like, crystal-clear skies and warming days, that it is really only February.  A pacific storm will be coming in tomorrow and laying another 3-7 inches of white stuff in the mountains…and then another stronger one comes in Friday that will last through the weekend and into next week…that will deliver another 12-18 inches.  Even though I am beginning to ache for the warmth of the clear trails and greening mountains, I can’t help but love the beautiful white of the wintery Wasatch Mountains.

I made this image over a month ago when returning from a hike toward White Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

aspen shadows on hillside


Swan on La Caille pond in Winter

Swan on La Caille pond in winter


Winter Swan

Winter Swan


lines on blue shadows….

Skiers crossing Red Pine Lake

it’s that time again….

snow-covered trail sign

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.


The first day of Winter

Snowy stream-bank, Little Cottonwood Canyon Stream


streaming reflection

snowy streambank with reflection

frosted lace

frost on queen anne's lace 1


frost on queen anne's lace 2


frost on queen anne's lace 3


frost on queen anne's lace 4

Wintery Wasatch Mountains

This is the south-facing ridge of the mountains that separate Big Cottonwood Canyon from Millcreek Canyon…as it appears when one is hiking Mill B South, the trail that leads to The Sister Lakes….  This is what you see when you turn around to check your back-trail….

Wasatch Mountains with Snow

another study of figures in fog

two trees in the fog

bridge with reeds and fog

colored tree cluster in the fog

three trees with silhouettes in the fog