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Mt Timpanogos in early Spring

This is yet another photograph from last April when I spent the better part of two days exploring the countryside south and west of my home in the Salt Lake Valley of northern Utah, USA.  I made this photo while standing on the side of a road in Cedar Valley, facing the eastern horizon and the mountains of the Wasatch Range.

Timpanogos in early Spring


Farmland and mountains in Goshen, Utah

In this image from April, 2013, you can see the early spring greenery on the fields and hillsides, while there is still a fine covering of snow on the distant Wasatch Mountains.  Goshen is approximately 50 miles south of the Salt Lake Valley, in Utah County, and just a bit south of Utah Lake…the fresh-water lake that drains north via the Jordan River into The Great Salt Lake.

farmland and mountains, goshen utah


to fly again

feathers in fall grass


rails and reeds and mountains

rails and reeds and mountains


Horse grazing in Goshen, Utah

horse grazing under wasatch uinta mountains, goshen utah


in the quiet

Utah Lake under mountains and clouds


perfect picnic place…?

perfect picnic place


island in a field

island in a field


searching for answers

Utah Lake shoreline with mountains in background


on the road

Motorists and cyclists on Cedar Fort Road, Utah County, Utah