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The first day of Winter

Snowy stream-bank, Little Cottonwood Canyon Stream


Crossing Little Cottonwood Canyon Stream

Fallen trees over Little Cottonwood Canyon Stream Utah


Wasatch Mountain Springtime

Springtime Wasatch Mountain Vista

portrait of a horse

You might remember her from an earlier post…part of her, anyway….

portrait of a horse

White Pine Lake Reflections

This is something of a follow-up or companion piece to my recent post, Toward White Pine Lake.  These are some of my favorite photos from this particular visit.  I hope you’ll enjoy them, too….

And the last one with a human stuck in there for perspective’s sake…don’t know who you are, but thanks for being there….

Little Cottonwood Canyon – Mountains in Fall

A Taste of Autumn in the Wasatch Mountains….

I spent several hours hiking the trails and mountainsides of Little Cottonwood Canyon this past Sunday…and was amazed at the sights that greeted me with nearly every turn of the trail….  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my corner of paradise, courtesy of the Wasatch Mountains, just east of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Duck, Duck….

Aspen, too….

Fallen Sentinel

No longer the guardian of the Wood…he is returning to the earth…from whence he came….